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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

flete mecum

There seems to be growing confusion as to my faith. Easily understood as I do not fall within the lines of what can be considered "Orthodox" nor "literal." In fact, since I have explicitly gone out of my way to emphasize the importance of living God as opposed to Biblical worship, I have intentionally put myself in the "cross hairs" so to speak of those who have been taught, from childhood, the more "orthodox" practices of religion.

In my opinion, this has done more harm than good. Not only for the individual Christian, Muslim or Jew, but it has done great harm to society as a whole, but building those illusory barriers that stand between us, instead of building as HE would want us to  build, a growing circle of kindness, Godfullness, selflessness and understanding.

What we have are old texts, translated from languages not spoken (or at least the way we speak today) then past through yet another interpreter (Pastor, Priest, Cleric, Rabbi) for us to rely on as to what the content really is and who it relates to us.

And we, in the clergy wonder why we are speaking in front of smaller and smaller congregations?

Take a moment, and put yourselves in their shoes. Yo are looking for help. Guidance perhaps? A friend A confidant? Or, perhaps just someone who will listen to you without speaking. Someone to let you be you, without judgement but rather open acceptance? Does that sound like a reason why someone would sit in your pew on Sunday?

I recently moved back from a small time away. Our first mass opened in the usual way, with the washing of feet. But then what I did was step down from my pulpit, waled up to a sister in need, knelt down and took her by the hands. I gazed into her eyes, and with a firm grip let her know I was hear for her. She put her head on my shoulder, we embraced and both began to cry. This lead to other Brothers and Sisters each coming up to us, to be a part of our mutual sharing. We all felt his energy  pass through us, we all felt a part of the exact same spirit, there in that room, within all of us. A level of equality, understanding, compassion and pure love.

We finished with a round robin style prayer of the Joyful Mysteries. We parted with hg and kisses on the cheeks and a solid commitment to meet again.

No preaching at anyone, no hiding behind any judgement. Just honest  support and acceptance.

No Hellfire, just  hi divine grace.

In His Name



  1. Hey my friend! Miss you on FB. Everything OK?

  2. Really worried about you, my friend! You've been on my heart. Please send me an email or message me on Twitter.