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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vitam in Motion

Love is not static, it doesn't rest but flow.
To know you in not only to now myself but to know your grace.
My time is not mine alone, but in your hands to guide.

I feel your momentum shift me from struggle to peace.

When I attempt to walk without you, I cannot function.

But through you I am saved.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Salva nos ab Devestation Pater

Hurricane Sandy has been ripping about the Eastern seaboard. Leaving total destruction in it's wake. Fierce, awesome, powerful and utterly terrifying. I don't like these shocking moments that show the fragility of life and in all honesty when asked why God would allow something like this to happen and take innocent lives, I have no answer.

I've looked deep into the whole of Creation, yet this is still a mystery. It has left me deeply shaken, unable to eat, sleep or really even function. I feel every death, all the terror and stress. I absorb it all as if I am some sort of giant sponge that attracts the souls of the terrified.

My love for you oh Lord, as a Lamb of God and a daughter of your glorious creation. Please, help me to understand your tool of destruction.

Please Lord, watch over those directly effected. Welcome those who have lost their lives into your glorious kingdom.

Lord, I pray for answers, I pray for perspective, I pray for your infinite mercy .

We are your children Lord, forever in your service.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Diligite et Odite non sunt pares

My experiences in cyberspace are for the most part positive. I like to rely on a positive effect being put out by me equals a positive return. In most cases, that's exactly what takes place, every now and then I get surprised when it goes the other way.

Recently, I was added to a Facebook group (I won't link to it as I do not want to publicize them) who'd description seemed good enough. When I got into it I realized, I was not in the company of Christians who share my passion for the living God, but rather a group of ravenous Evangelical Dominionists out to crush the spirit of anyone they considered to be an "enemy of God."

My journey throughout the whole of Creation has yielded to some amazing things. One of those is the very fact that God is perfect. Not in the human sense of perfection, as the divine perfection is far beyond human comprehension. As a result, God has no "enemies." Such an idea is an absurdity. What God does have is a vested interest in the whole of his Creation. This manifests as his pure love and grace for all of his children, not just some chosen few.

As a result of the twisted mindset that results in Biblical Literalism, the hatred found in the group was deeper than surface level. Homophobia, sectarianism, misogyny and the most ridiculous demand of Levitical law. Actual stoning of disobedient teenagers was encouraged, and I'm not exaggerating.

What I tried to convey through reason and kindness was such literalism and contempt of fellow human beings doesn't endure anyone to Christianity, it drives them away and truthfully, I'd rather live in a world full of Atheists than create one more hater for fellow human beings.

This is exactly what I mean when I say that the Bible read incorrectly then applied incorrectly is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. A weapon that crushes the human spirit and with the sectarian wars waged throughout the ages, loss of human life.

God loves all. God is love. God is living, only when you realize these things can you help to build his kingdom on Earth.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Domini Antemeridiem

This morning belongs to you oh Lord.
The air is sweet with your divinity.
I feel myself awaken to your illumination.
Embracing me in warmth.

My body is healing, my mind regaining focus.

The new day calls, this day of rest and rejuvenation.
I love you as you love

All blessings be to you

Friday, October 19, 2012

Amare super odisse

The world is becoming a very hateful place. Sectarian divide is getting wider and wider. Instead of living as children of the living God, too many of the "religious" are simply digging trenches and preparing for war.

To what end does this serve? How is a militaristic devotion to your interpretation on dead texts building his kingdom on Earth?

It's not.

The new prophets of dead texts are just as dead as the people who wrote them. The only difference is that they're dead inside. They're stuck in purgatory, stasis, no ability to be dynamic in faith or to radiate his love to others.

Like a bird trapped in an oil spill yet in denial of those very conditions.

What do we do, those of us who are Lambs of the Living God!

We pray, we work and we counter the work of hate with his weapon of pure love and grace.

Love one another and not in just a superficial way. Not in such a way that makes you feel good in the moment. Love in the way he loves, with everything in you.

Be gracious, fight hate with compassion. The Lord will find them, he always does.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In perfectione et perditionem

No pain.
No Suffering.

No tears.

Only joy through you.

I feel you surge through me, giving me life.

Your joy is left in the rain.
Your song heard in the thunder.

Your majesty all around me.
Forever present/

For thou art with me.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Vocem lux

Born in your light I feel your warmth.
Made from your vision, I can see though the mist of time.
Healed by your touch, I know no illness.

I am blessed in you.

Hearing your voice, I will spread your word.

Knowing you are with me , I will do your work.

To love, to live, to feel.
To be there for others in great service and joy.

There is more to my life than me.



Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ignis Ardentis Librorum

This post is really going to bother a lot of people. This is go to go against the very foundations of what we're taught from the childhood foundations of Christianity are.

The Bible, is not the perfect and infallible word of God. It's a collection of texts written by men, long since dead and buried. Much of it divinely inspired, much of it written as laws to control and subdue the people.

It's a text in which to find inspiration, but it's not a roadmap to a holy life. It's not the cornerstone of what it means to be a Christian and it's not what builds a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

In fact I will tell you, it's possible for someone to have never picked up the Bible in their life and yet have a true , living relationship with Jesus. God is the whole of Creation, we are all his children. His stamp on us is written in our DNA, there is no escaping it.

God is, as we are. He is us, as we are him. We have to choose to see it just as babies make the decision to walk, even if they don't know it's a decision at the time.

The reliance on the Bible as a the only way to salvation is in fact the way to a judgmental, sectarian, hateful existence. It's that type of attitude that strips freedoms from others, causes wars and misery. It's the Bible Christian that has tarred the image of divinity and has given rise to Godlessness.

Who can blame the Godless when they identify the "God fearing" as the representatives of Christ on Earth?

It's time to close the texts. Even burn them so that we may turn to the whole of Creation, stand in the wind and say "this is God!"

Live God, be kind, be sincere, be just and love.

He lives , he teaches. Not 2000 years ago but today, right here right now he teaches. We cannot learn if we do not accept this total fact.

The Bible is not your faith. It's your chains.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Divinus Amor omnia saecula

As I run from place to place, too busy to breathe I need to pause.
Know that I love you, purely and without fear.
I love as you love.
I am as you made me.

As I do your work on Earth, you continue to amaze.
I know more now than yesterday, and I'll know more tomorrow.

Thank you for all you've given me.
Than you for all you've shown me.
Than you for all of creation.

As I live through you.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

diligere sine limes

If your daughter comes to you, listen.
If your son has something important to say, be there.

If they need you, love as he would love.
Listen as he would listen.
Hold and hug as he would embrace.

What they have to tell you is beautiful.
Queer is not broken, queer is not an unacceptable condition.

To draw with different crayons makes new pictures.
To see through different eyes grants another view.

Unconditional love is to surrender all hate.
He is love, be within him and his glory.

No shun, no shame, no regret.
I am , you are, we are as he intended.

All beautiful

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tu et ego sicut unus

When I look to you, I am forced to loo within myself.
When I pray for favor, I must find my own solutions.
To be your child is to also be you, to be your servant I must also service others.

I must live you, not just worship and praise.

There are no excuses upon the righteous path.
The canvas of this life and the next must be painted by my own hand.
For it is you that guides me, because we are one.

You and I.  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Flos Vita

Your glorious creation become my own. Like the petals of a vast flower that has no end. Upon it I rest, it's soft beneath me. Radiant, so extreme it overpowers all of my senses. The vast amount of information is too much for my Earthly mind to process. I slide from the edge toward the center, no longer in any type of control.

My mortal self consumed, so much so as to have no further use. I'm no longer tall or short, skinny or obese. I no longer matter, in any sense of comprehension.

The light that was once so foreign and unknowable is now integral to my very being.

I am Christ, I am Judas. I am Satan, I am Yahweh.

The universe and the whole of creation, the Flower of Life.

Unum cum potentia

Last night I dreamt of you. The shining light, great warmth as looking within and beyond. There you stood before me, radiant and pure beauty. You reached within me, touched my very soul. You and I became one, I awoke knowing our presence.

The love of the mother, father and I in one. Through you I shall know no despair. Failure is no longer a possibility and no other can do me harm.

All I have gone through has been for a reason, to lead me here to you. To become you, and to abandon my former self.

Before, you were my mother, and I your daughter, now we are ONE, you and I.

The light is no longer hidden, but it shines brighter and hotter than the sun. Forever joined in destiny and purpose.

The pure love of creation.

Represented by light and gold. Piercing every part of me.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Amare Enternal et perditaque

I remember your smile.
I remember your smell.
I remember how you looked at me when there was something wrong.

I miss your energy.
I miss the sound of your breath.

The smell of clean sheets, makes me cry.

I'll love you always, even though I shouldn't.
But that's not true, as your God's child forever, if only my soulmate for a little while.  

Et noster amor INTUMUS

Our love is real.
Our connection unbreakable.
What we do is in unison.

Perfect harmony.

You give me my strength, you give me my tenderness.
You return all to me, a most mutual love.

I'll never forsake you.
In you I place my trust.

I have given you myself completely.

Christos viventis

I have been known to raise some eyebrows in regards to speaking the truth I've come to know regarding the Bible, Torah, Talmud and Quran.

None of them are the definitive word of God.

It's a common problem for Christian, Jewish and Islamic scholars and apologists to have to answer for historical errors and conflicting testimony within these texts. This is very easy to explain when we look at it through the pragmatic lens of truth. They are a compilation of stories, laws, poetry and tracts written at different times by different groups of people. Of course they are historically inaccurate and conflicting.

If I started a book but left it unfinished, my grand daughter picked it up and added to it, then her daughter so on and so forth what we would have is a book written over many generations with many stylistic, historic and thematic contradictions.

And that's A-OK. It can still be a really good book, even a great book. It just may be difficult to understand if we try to read it in the same manner we would read a book written by a single author from beginning to end.

The Bible, Torah, Quran probably have tens if not hundreds of authors written over hundreds of years , or perhaps much longer. Some archaeological estimates have concluded that the Old Testament was written over a 3000 year period.

We need to stop making excuses for why Biblical inaccuracy exists. Why? It just doesn't matter.

While scripture is a large part of being religious, it's of zero practical importance when it comes to living faith. Why do I say that? Do we really believe, for one fraction of one second that the great creator of the whole universe who is the living Lord can be confined to a book?

Of course not, that very notion goes against living faith. It makes you reliant on a book that cannot possibly answer your questions, cannot offer you the warm embrace of comfort and cannot offer you an attentive ear or sincere words of wisdom. It's just a book, written long ago by men you'll never know and will never know you.

God however does know you. He does know your struggles and your triumphs. He knows your pain and most of all he knows your joy. He's living within you and within the vastness of his great creation. Isn't it much more powerful to listen for his words for today, the hear and now within your heart and on the wind than written on some page that may or may not even relate to your living struggle?

Today, there is much importance on being a Bible Christian. I can't think of a worse fate. I honestly mean that.

I say be a living Christian. Have a personal relationship with Christ. Live as he wants you to live, when your not sure what to do , ask in real time. You'll have your answers.

Live, love and know God!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ignis Divine Dei

Flames don't burn the sinner, they ignite the spirit.
Burn, burn away the flesh and leave only the spirit behind.
Pure energy is represented by flame, pure energy.
Fire, you move as you consume.
To strip away the old, and leave the fertile soil behind.

The walls of hatred must be burned.

The terror of dogma must be engulfed by napalm.

Call upon the Lord to burn all injustice.

Call upon him to bless you with Holy Fire.


Deus et Homo sicut unum

God and man as one.

Often we are told to fear you.
We are instructed to give you praise and worship.
To subdue ourselves.
To be guilty over our base desires.
Even harm ourselves in your name.

To judge others who do different than we.
For what positive purpose?

Have we lost sight of your greatest lesson, that you and we are one?

Each passing day should remind us, our actions are yours.
Some say their is no evidence to prove the existence of you oh Lord/
What of our own actions, what of the beauty of a child's eyes.
What of the feelings of a fathers embrace?
What of the gentle wisdom of a good friends tender advise?
What of the passion of a lovers kiss?

Are these not proof of your divine creation?

To touch and to hold, to listen and to share.
To dance and to laugh.
To feel the breeze across tender skin.
To stand in the shower and feel the water dance across your body.

None are possible without you oh :Lord, for you have given us life and will.
Essence of Creation is in everything, all action, all reaction.

God and Man as one.

May you share also in our journey together, may you know Creation.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


When I lay stripped and torn, beaten.
I look upon you Lord, do you lay next to me?

Like the Crow on the Cross of Calvary, do you cry for me?

Am I made only to serve without knowing?

Out of the darkness comes your embrace. And I feel you run through me.
I am not alone, and I fear no evil, for you have given me life.
Even though I am naked, bruised and bloody I'm joyous.
As I am you.

The Burning Love of Christ

I know ye Lord, because I am you.
I'm your creation, made perfect in your own image.
You gave me the breath of life, when I was but a speck of dust.
Yet I lived without knowing you Lord, in a slumber.

You came to me, stripped me of my mortal flesh and burned me to the bone.
My mark, forever yours.
One with you in the most Holy Fire.
Your energy to animate my corpse.

I love you Lord, as I also love myself.
As we are one, and cannot ever be divided.


Welcome to my blog. My name is McKenna put I mainly o by my Theurgic name Joan Saint Mark. I'm a youth minister, theological student and activist.

I'm also gay not that it should matter too much. My passion in life is deepening my connection with Christ and all of creation. I've become convinced that the very voice of God is found within each and every one of us. I'm a Reformed Catholic. I find utter beauty and comfort in the rituals, tradition and depth of the church. I'm also very non dogmatic and I sincerely believe that God loves each and everyone of us. That his plan for us all is to find him by using all of our senses to honestly and totally express ourselves.

Personal expression is a deep form form of sincere prayer. Love, understanding, the gentle touch and the attentive ear is what makes you a sincere servant of the Lord here on Earth. Witness and participate in the glory of his creation, this is our calling.

I'm also a Rosicrucian and a Kabbalist. I find the mystery tradition yet one more tool in the pursuit of a divine  life.

If you wish to join me, I welcome you all. With love, compassion and fellowship I embrace you all as fellow Lambs of God.