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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Flos Vita

Your glorious creation become my own. Like the petals of a vast flower that has no end. Upon it I rest, it's soft beneath me. Radiant, so extreme it overpowers all of my senses. The vast amount of information is too much for my Earthly mind to process. I slide from the edge toward the center, no longer in any type of control.

My mortal self consumed, so much so as to have no further use. I'm no longer tall or short, skinny or obese. I no longer matter, in any sense of comprehension.

The light that was once so foreign and unknowable is now integral to my very being.

I am Christ, I am Judas. I am Satan, I am Yahweh.

The universe and the whole of creation, the Flower of Life.

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