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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ignis Ardentis Librorum

This post is really going to bother a lot of people. This is go to go against the very foundations of what we're taught from the childhood foundations of Christianity are.

The Bible, is not the perfect and infallible word of God. It's a collection of texts written by men, long since dead and buried. Much of it divinely inspired, much of it written as laws to control and subdue the people.

It's a text in which to find inspiration, but it's not a roadmap to a holy life. It's not the cornerstone of what it means to be a Christian and it's not what builds a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

In fact I will tell you, it's possible for someone to have never picked up the Bible in their life and yet have a true , living relationship with Jesus. God is the whole of Creation, we are all his children. His stamp on us is written in our DNA, there is no escaping it.

God is, as we are. He is us, as we are him. We have to choose to see it just as babies make the decision to walk, even if they don't know it's a decision at the time.

The reliance on the Bible as a the only way to salvation is in fact the way to a judgmental, sectarian, hateful existence. It's that type of attitude that strips freedoms from others, causes wars and misery. It's the Bible Christian that has tarred the image of divinity and has given rise to Godlessness.

Who can blame the Godless when they identify the "God fearing" as the representatives of Christ on Earth?

It's time to close the texts. Even burn them so that we may turn to the whole of Creation, stand in the wind and say "this is God!"

Live God, be kind, be sincere, be just and love.

He lives , he teaches. Not 2000 years ago but today, right here right now he teaches. We cannot learn if we do not accept this total fact.

The Bible is not your faith. It's your chains.


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