Wednesday, February 20, 2013

flete mecum

There seems to be growing confusion as to my faith. Easily understood as I do not fall within the lines of what can be considered "Orthodox" nor "literal." In fact, since I have explicitly gone out of my way to emphasize the importance of living God as opposed to Biblical worship, I have intentionally put myself in the "cross hairs" so to speak of those who have been taught, from childhood, the more "orthodox" practices of religion.

In my opinion, this has done more harm than good. Not only for the individual Christian, Muslim or Jew, but it has done great harm to society as a whole, but building those illusory barriers that stand between us, instead of building as HE would want us to  build, a growing circle of kindness, Godfullness, selflessness and understanding.

What we have are old texts, translated from languages not spoken (or at least the way we speak today) then past through yet another interpreter (Pastor, Priest, Cleric, Rabbi) for us to rely on as to what the content really is and who it relates to us.

And we, in the clergy wonder why we are speaking in front of smaller and smaller congregations?

Take a moment, and put yourselves in their shoes. Yo are looking for help. Guidance perhaps? A friend A confidant? Or, perhaps just someone who will listen to you without speaking. Someone to let you be you, without judgement but rather open acceptance? Does that sound like a reason why someone would sit in your pew on Sunday?

I recently moved back from a small time away. Our first mass opened in the usual way, with the washing of feet. But then what I did was step down from my pulpit, waled up to a sister in need, knelt down and took her by the hands. I gazed into her eyes, and with a firm grip let her know I was hear for her. She put her head on my shoulder, we embraced and both began to cry. This lead to other Brothers and Sisters each coming up to us, to be a part of our mutual sharing. We all felt his energy  pass through us, we all felt a part of the exact same spirit, there in that room, within all of us. A level of equality, understanding, compassion and pure love.

We finished with a round robin style prayer of the Joyful Mysteries. We parted with hg and kisses on the cheeks and a solid commitment to meet again.

No preaching at anyone, no hiding behind any judgement. Just honest  support and acceptance.

No Hellfire, just  hi divine grace.

In His Name


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vitam in Motion

Love is not static, it doesn't rest but flow.
To know you in not only to now myself but to know your grace.
My time is not mine alone, but in your hands to guide.

I feel your momentum shift me from struggle to peace.

When I attempt to walk without you, I cannot function.

But through you I am saved.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Salva nos ab Devestation Pater

Hurricane Sandy has been ripping about the Eastern seaboard. Leaving total destruction in it's wake. Fierce, awesome, powerful and utterly terrifying. I don't like these shocking moments that show the fragility of life and in all honesty when asked why God would allow something like this to happen and take innocent lives, I have no answer.

I've looked deep into the whole of Creation, yet this is still a mystery. It has left me deeply shaken, unable to eat, sleep or really even function. I feel every death, all the terror and stress. I absorb it all as if I am some sort of giant sponge that attracts the souls of the terrified.

My love for you oh Lord, as a Lamb of God and a daughter of your glorious creation. Please, help me to understand your tool of destruction.

Please Lord, watch over those directly effected. Welcome those who have lost their lives into your glorious kingdom.

Lord, I pray for answers, I pray for perspective, I pray for your infinite mercy .

We are your children Lord, forever in your service.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Diligite et Odite non sunt pares

My experiences in cyberspace are for the most part positive. I like to rely on a positive effect being put out by me equals a positive return. In most cases, that's exactly what takes place, every now and then I get surprised when it goes the other way.

Recently, I was added to a Facebook group (I won't link to it as I do not want to publicize them) who'd description seemed good enough. When I got into it I realized, I was not in the company of Christians who share my passion for the living God, but rather a group of ravenous Evangelical Dominionists out to crush the spirit of anyone they considered to be an "enemy of God."

My journey throughout the whole of Creation has yielded to some amazing things. One of those is the very fact that God is perfect. Not in the human sense of perfection, as the divine perfection is far beyond human comprehension. As a result, God has no "enemies." Such an idea is an absurdity. What God does have is a vested interest in the whole of his Creation. This manifests as his pure love and grace for all of his children, not just some chosen few.

As a result of the twisted mindset that results in Biblical Literalism, the hatred found in the group was deeper than surface level. Homophobia, sectarianism, misogyny and the most ridiculous demand of Levitical law. Actual stoning of disobedient teenagers was encouraged, and I'm not exaggerating.

What I tried to convey through reason and kindness was such literalism and contempt of fellow human beings doesn't endure anyone to Christianity, it drives them away and truthfully, I'd rather live in a world full of Atheists than create one more hater for fellow human beings.

This is exactly what I mean when I say that the Bible read incorrectly then applied incorrectly is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. A weapon that crushes the human spirit and with the sectarian wars waged throughout the ages, loss of human life.

God loves all. God is love. God is living, only when you realize these things can you help to build his kingdom on Earth.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Domini Antemeridiem

This morning belongs to you oh Lord.
The air is sweet with your divinity.
I feel myself awaken to your illumination.
Embracing me in warmth.

My body is healing, my mind regaining focus.

The new day calls, this day of rest and rejuvenation.
I love you as you love

All blessings be to you

Friday, October 19, 2012

Amare super odisse

The world is becoming a very hateful place. Sectarian divide is getting wider and wider. Instead of living as children of the living God, too many of the "religious" are simply digging trenches and preparing for war.

To what end does this serve? How is a militaristic devotion to your interpretation on dead texts building his kingdom on Earth?

It's not.

The new prophets of dead texts are just as dead as the people who wrote them. The only difference is that they're dead inside. They're stuck in purgatory, stasis, no ability to be dynamic in faith or to radiate his love to others.

Like a bird trapped in an oil spill yet in denial of those very conditions.

What do we do, those of us who are Lambs of the Living God!

We pray, we work and we counter the work of hate with his weapon of pure love and grace.

Love one another and not in just a superficial way. Not in such a way that makes you feel good in the moment. Love in the way he loves, with everything in you.

Be gracious, fight hate with compassion. The Lord will find them, he always does.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In perfectione et perditionem

No pain.
No Suffering.

No tears.

Only joy through you.

I feel you surge through me, giving me life.

Your joy is left in the rain.
Your song heard in the thunder.

Your majesty all around me.
Forever present/

For thou art with me.