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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In perfectione et perditionem

No pain.
No Suffering.

No tears.

Only joy through you.

I feel you surge through me, giving me life.

Your joy is left in the rain.
Your song heard in the thunder.

Your majesty all around me.
Forever present/

For thou art with me.



  1. This must be the prayer of the day!

    I posted my favorite centering prayer as my FB status earlier today. ("Thou art with me. Thy will be done.")

    A friend commented on it, saying that she had just been writing her sermon, including the observation that "Thy will be done" is the prayer that never fails.

    And now "Thou art with me" appears as the triumphant climax of your poem.

    I don't believe that such things are mere coincidence, so this touches me deeply.

    And I must say that the entire poem touches me deeply.

  2. Thank you sister, He does work through us and watch over us always. There is a reason we are one. Blessings.