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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Deus et Homo sicut unum

God and man as one.

Often we are told to fear you.
We are instructed to give you praise and worship.
To subdue ourselves.
To be guilty over our base desires.
Even harm ourselves in your name.

To judge others who do different than we.
For what positive purpose?

Have we lost sight of your greatest lesson, that you and we are one?

Each passing day should remind us, our actions are yours.
Some say their is no evidence to prove the existence of you oh Lord/
What of our own actions, what of the beauty of a child's eyes.
What of the feelings of a fathers embrace?
What of the gentle wisdom of a good friends tender advise?
What of the passion of a lovers kiss?

Are these not proof of your divine creation?

To touch and to hold, to listen and to share.
To dance and to laugh.
To feel the breeze across tender skin.
To stand in the shower and feel the water dance across your body.

None are possible without you oh :Lord, for you have given us life and will.
Essence of Creation is in everything, all action, all reaction.

God and Man as one.

May you share also in our journey together, may you know Creation.

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