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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Unum cum potentia

Last night I dreamt of you. The shining light, great warmth as looking within and beyond. There you stood before me, radiant and pure beauty. You reached within me, touched my very soul. You and I became one, I awoke knowing our presence.

The love of the mother, father and I in one. Through you I shall know no despair. Failure is no longer a possibility and no other can do me harm.

All I have gone through has been for a reason, to lead me here to you. To become you, and to abandon my former self.

Before, you were my mother, and I your daughter, now we are ONE, you and I.

The light is no longer hidden, but it shines brighter and hotter than the sun. Forever joined in destiny and purpose.

The pure love of creation.

Represented by light and gold. Piercing every part of me.


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